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1   Link   Witte Raaf
Site of a couple (Jan and Petra) who have started an extended cruise aboard their LeComte ALC 40
2   Link   Witte Raaf for Sale (sail)
Witte Raaf is available immediately in Trinidad. This link is to a PDF which describes her a little better - but suffice it to say that she's the nicest cruising LeComte in the world, and is ready to take you wherever you'd like to go, today.
3   Link   ALC 40 Witte Raaf for sale on her own site
4   Link   A. LeComte Company, Inc.
The A. LeComte Company, Inc. site. This is the original LeComte yacht company, still existing although they are no longer building boats. Art Karpf, the proprietor, however, is unsurprisingly the most knowlegeable person around about these boats...
5   Link   Zeezwaluw's English site
Riens and Ineke Elswijk have put up an English version of their site for everyone to enjoy - check it out!
6   Link   Norumbega's Site
Brian S. Smith's NE 38 Yawl's site.
7   Link   Quetzal project pictures
Doug & Sue Heckrotte's Northeast 38 projects in pictures.
8   Link   Jen and Pat's Medalist (Nordmark) Project Site
Images of the rebuilding of Nordmark, Jen and Pat's Medalist. Very impressive work!
9   Link   Article on Bill Tripp Sr. in Professional Boatbuilder
An article by Ted Jones on Bill Tripp Sr. in Professional Boatbuilder. The link takes you to the online version of the magazine - you have to click on contents, then the article, to get to it (or page through it until you get there - page 56). Enjoy!
10   Link   Northeast 38 Half Model
A very pretty half model of Blue, A Northeast 38 MkIII from Sag Harbour, NY.
11   Link   Mucke's (Northeast 38) Website (in German)
Website chronicling their journey from the Mediterranean through the rivers and canals of France and Germany to their home.
12   Link   Asteria, a Fastnet 45
Site for the yacht Asteria, a trunk cabin version of the Fastnet 45.
13   Link   Javelin 38 Site
A close sibling of the Northeast 38, also built in Holland.
14   Link   S/V Argo
A site devoted to S/V Argo, a Le Comte Fastnet 45 built in 1969.
15   Link   Hotel Ten Caetermere
Dolf and Riek LeComte's hotel in Beligium!
16   Link   Zeezwaluw voyage site
Riens and Ineke Elswijk's voyage site. They are on an extended voyage aboard their ALC 46. (in Dutch)
17   Link   Philippe Desbarbieux's NE 38 Restoration site (in French)
Excellent site with great details on the very thorough restoration that Philippe is doing on 'Verena'. If anyone is interested in doing a translation into English, I would love to be able to put it up for those who (like me) can read English but not
18   Link   Avatar (Ocean Racer 52) in the Rosenfeld Collection
A picture of Avatar from 1968, just after she had been renamed from Southern Star III.
19   Link   Medalist 33 Variants
There are four variants of the Medalist 33 - this page, hosted by the PHRF Northeast organization, shows the differences.
20   Link   Beth and Chris' Photo Album
Beth and Chris' photo album site - contains many images of Weatherbird, their Northeast 38, as well as of their sailing trips aboard her.


The last missing element of the site is now back in place: the discussion forums. I won't bore you with the details, but I've converted to a new forum software (phpBB) which is much more standard and shouldn't go out of date like the old one. It's also a lot nicer to use, I think.

All of the old content is still there for posterity, and new content can be entered as you please. Please do try it out, it is working for me, but I don't know for sure that that means it'll work for all. I'd like to see a new post or two to raise my confidence in it!

The one remaining thing to do to get the site properly upgraded is to consolidate the look and feel. The main template is a bit sloppy, the integration with the gallery and the forums is even worse. I'll tackle that as I have time and inclination - it'll probably happen gradually.

In the meanwhile, we should now be able to have users do their own posting for pictures and for stories - so if you have some you'd like to post, try it out and if you're blocked by something get in touch and we can work through it together. It'd be great for this to finally become the user-driven site I had originally intended for it to be.