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More project pictures from Quest

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Anthony Palazzo has sent along more project pictures - these ones of his work to repair the top of his fuel tank. He's got the engine out and resting on the cabin sole, and is digging down through the years of grime to get at the rusted fasteners on top of the tank.

Check it out in the Gallery!


Doug Heckrotte, Quetzal's owner, has offered to take over as webmaster of the LeComte Owner's site. Thanks, Doug! Given that I've (Chris) been busy elsewhere, and no longer own a LeComte (although I obviously still love them), this is very helpful of him, and should be very good for the site as he gets his feet wet and figures out how to maintain things. I'll still help out as I'm able, but since that's proven to be sparse in recent times, this is very good news.

Thanks again, Doug!

Thanks for the confidence, Chris.  I shall be climbing the learning curve as quickly as practicable.