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Zeezwaluw's March 2010 Newsletter

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Cartagena, Spain 03-05-2010

 Hi dear friends and fellow sailors,

 We have reached Spain after sailing 515 Nm in 5 days, a little slow perhaps, but this was due to the wind. The first 2 days the wind was on the nose and thereafter not too much wind at all so Mr Perkins did a good job during many hours. Reaching Cartagena in the middle of the night we decided not to enter but to sail further on to a nice anchorage 14 Nm West of Cartagena. Here we stayed for 2 more days before we went back to civilization. Sunday afternoon we left and sailed to the old Marina in Cartagena where we are at the moment. The next 2 days will be nasty, (rain showers and storms) so we have and will spend our time in town well. In between the rain showers we will do some shopping, using a real washing machine and dryer (what a treat), cleaning inside Zeezwaluw, buying a SIM-card for the telephone (we have one already and the number is: 00 34 69 34 93 532). We hope to find as well an equivalent for our Internet SIM-card USB dongle we had in Italy. Probably we will succeed for that this afternoon.

This kind of communication which enables us to receive the grib files from the internet which is great at anchorages in remote places without Wi-Fi signal or internet café. The weather in this part of the Med (near the strait of Gibraltar) can change quickly, as you know. To be equipped now will give us a much safer feeling to use those anchorages. Now you are well informed about our safe arrival in Spain while the communication gap has closed again. Our website will be updated very soon, we promise, honestly.

 From Cartagena we will sail in dayhops to Almerimar and from there to Gibraltar. In Gibraltar we need time to get our life raft checked and to organize a survey of Zeezwaluw (insurance rule) so we will spend a few days with our ancestors the apes at The Rock.

From Gibraltar we will sail directly to the first and most eastern island of the Azores. In the Azores we like to spent the summer and get hauled out to do some “bottom work”. From the Azores it goes on to Madeira and Morocco before we sail to the Canary Islands. We don’t know yet if we will spend another season around the Atlantic Islands or will cross to the Caribbean. But as soon as we know we will let you know of course.

We wish you a beautiful sunny summer and fair winds wherever you travel and keep in touch.

 Riens and Ineke at SY Zeezwaluw




The last missing element of the site is now back in place: the discussion forums. I won't bore you with the details, but I've converted to a new forum software (phpBB) which is much more standard and shouldn't go out of date like the old one. It's also a lot nicer to use, I think.

All of the old content is still there for posterity, and new content can be entered as you please. Please do try it out, it is working for me, but I don't know for sure that that means it'll work for all. I'd like to see a new post or two to raise my confidence in it!

The one remaining thing to do to get the site properly upgraded is to consolidate the look and feel. The main template is a bit sloppy, the integration with the gallery and the forums is even worse. I'll tackle that as I have time and inclination - it'll probably happen gradually.

In the meanwhile, we should now be able to have users do their own posting for pictures and for stories - so if you have some you'd like to post, try it out and if you're blocked by something get in touch and we can work through it together. It'd be great for this to finally become the user-driven site I had originally intended for it to be.