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Running on new platform

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After more work than I'd've liked, the site is running on the latest and greatest version of Joomla, having been upgraded from a shamefully old version of Mambo. So we're good for another few years, at least. There are still problems - the forums are lost, and will need recovering, but there are also pockets of good news. I believe (some verification could be done here) that it will now be possible for registered members to post articles, and to maintain their own picture galleries. I also think it will be possible to have several people involved in administration, so that things don't necessarily need to pile up like they have been. So hopefully things are good!

Let me know (Through the contact link, or by email if we've already been in touch) what you think, and if you'd like me to change anything. I'm intending to give each of you access to maintain your own picture galleries over the next couple of days, but if I fail to do so and you'd like access, let me know.

I'll be working on the forums over the next few days - but to be honest it may take me more than this week, after which I'll be on vacation - so it may be sometime in September before they're back online. I could put up a new one easily - but I don't want to lose what we've already built up, so I hope you don't mind being patient while I convert the old ones over.

Thanks, and enjoy,




The last missing element of the site is now back in place: the discussion forums. I won't bore you with the details, but I've converted to a new forum software (phpBB) which is much more standard and shouldn't go out of date like the old one. It's also a lot nicer to use, I think.

All of the old content is still there for posterity, and new content can be entered as you please. Please do try it out, it is working for me, but I don't know for sure that that means it'll work for all. I'd like to see a new post or two to raise my confidence in it!

The one remaining thing to do to get the site properly upgraded is to consolidate the look and feel. The main template is a bit sloppy, the integration with the gallery and the forums is even worse. I'll tackle that as I have time and inclination - it'll probably happen gradually.

In the meanwhile, we should now be able to have users do their own posting for pictures and for stories - so if you have some you'd like to post, try it out and if you're blocked by something get in touch and we can work through it together. It'd be great for this to finally become the user-driven site I had originally intended for it to be.